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  • Favorite Storm Pictures


    A display of Eyes On Storms favorite storm pictures. This Snyder/Tipton Tornado is Eyes On Storms favorite pic of the month.

  • Monsoon Thunderstorm

    photos/MonsoonSaltRiverValley5 (centerfold).jpg

    This monsoon thunderstorm clearly displays a shelf cloud, signifying an intensifying thunderstorm.

    Red Coral
  • Lightning in the Desert

    photos/MonsoonSaltRiverValley9 (centerfold).jpg

    This lightning picture was taken from the previous storm near the Salt River Valley in Eastern Arizona. We intercepted this intensying Monsoon Thunderstorm just outside Globe.

  • Snyder OK Tornado

    photos/Nov7SethImage3 (centerfold).jpg

    This is the Snyder, OK Tornado that occured on November 7, 2011. The wedge tornado was spotted by Eyes On Storms chasers approximately 5 miles south of Snyder, OK.

    Coral Reef
  • Tipton OK Tornado

    photos/Nov7SethImage4 (centerfold).jpg

    This is the same Snyder/Tipton, OK Tornado. The tornado dissipated just before crossing highway 183 in SW OK. The supercell continued on to produce several more tornadoes including a large multivortex.

  • Anvil in North Texas


    Beautiful Anvil of a thunderstorm in North Texas

  • Wall Cloud in North Texas


    A wall cloud spotted on a cell in North Texas 02/03/2012

  • Beautiful Mammatus Clouds


    A wall cloud spotted on a cell in North Texas 02/03/2012

Supercell that produced an elephant trunk
tornado SW of Piedmont, OK 5-29-12

January 2012 outbreak and its implications on the Spring Season

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